Looking At The Tracks

by Kinnaber Junction

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This album is about a place in time (a junction). After 30+ years playing music of all different genres with a host of different musicians I found myself wanting to pull all these influences together and see where they took me.
The idea germinated after working with Mo Dickson on F’n’3Gs Uncovered CD. I drew up a wish list of musicians and eventually, with the old fear of rejection coursing through me, I plucked up the courage to ask them. To my surprise and delight everyone agreed. We have birthdays in six different decades so it’s certainly a diverse group and while some I’ve known for most or all of my playing career, some I’ve known only a short time but each brought something unique to the album and for that I am truly grateful.

See you down the tracks


released June 30, 2017

Gary Anderson – Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Mandolin, Bass
Mike Knowles – Drums
Jim Reid – Bass
Rhona Macfarlane – Piano, Violin
Sandy Tweeddale – Electric Guitars
Neil “Wishy” Wishart – Harmonica
Karen Harper – Viola, Cello
Anne Anderson – Vocals
Lynne Anderson – Vocals
Clare Hesketh – Vocals
Christian Cooper – Vocals

Engineered & Produced by Mo Dickson
Strings arranged by Rhona Macfarlane

Photography/cover design – David Clark

All tracks written by Gary Anderson except
A Journey Without End, written by Gary Anderson & Alistair Findlay

Thanks to
Anne, Clare, Christian, Jim, Karen, Lynne, Mike, Wishy, Rhona, Sandy, and Len Wiltshire and the Laurencekirk vocal group for their amazing contributions. HUGE thanks to Mo Dickson without whose incredible ears and dedication this album would not have happened. David Clark for the fantastic photographs and design skills (it’s always easier to ask forgiveness than permission!!). Betty for the coffee and biscuits while putting up with my constant invasions. Stooshy’s technical knowledge which saved the day. Ken Bruce and everyone at Montrose Folk Club. All the “Ks & Ws” from Moniack Mhor especially Karine Polwart, Findlay Napier and Ben Seal for their invaluable advice. Alistair Findlay for the co-writes (sorry only one made the final cut). Claire, Campbell, Morven, Steve, Keir and Danica for simply being. Ewan, Lynne & Rhona and their families. Allan, Gordon and Graham from F’n’3Gs. All the audiences, venues, promoters, artists and radio stations who have supported and continue to support my music. Finally love and thanks to Anne whose patience and understanding goes way above and beyond and more than once set me back on the tracks when my self-doubt threatened to derail the whole project.



all rights reserved


Kinnaber Junction Montrose, UK

Kinnaber Junction is the musical vehicle for Montrose singer/songwriter Gary Anderson. With over 30 years of gigging behind him Gary has gained a wealth of experience covering a wide range of instruments and genres . Looking at the tracks pulls all this experience together ... more

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Track Name: Looking At The Tracks
Some things in this life play out real simple
And others are just too hard to see
But some take delight in passing judgement
When the aftermath is all that they can see

But you can’t tell, no you can’t tell
By looking straight ahead or to your back
No you can’t tell which way the train went
Just by looking at the tracks

There’s always two sides to the story
And the truth is hidden in between
And no matter how clear we try to tell it
What is heard might not be what we mean


And the train keeps on rolling
Rolling on and on
And the tracks are left for all to see
After we’re long gone

The best things in life they say are free
And money can’t buy you happiness
But on we strive towards our destination
And the tracks we leave are there to second guess

Track Name: Murderous Cries
I hear murderous cries, coming out of the skies
I see slugs lying cold on the ground
But this is no battlefield, this is no turf war
Just nature laying her head down

I walk round the field on a warm summer’s night
The evening breeze on my face
The grass moves in waves like the tides on the shore
A beautiful magical place


Coming out of the trees at the top of the hill
I stand and look down o’er the town
And count my blessings I am where I am
With beauty and peace all around


Is it Destiny? Is it just chance?
Born the wrong place, the wrong time
I think of the innocents caught in the fire
In the midst of political mire

Their rain coming down is bullets and shells
Their wind a missile inbound
Woman and children with nowhere to run
As bodies pile up all around

But theirs is a battlefield, theirs is a turf war
I beg you lay your arms down.
Track Name: Shoulder To Shoulder
I read a letter yesterday, written by my father’s hand
He talk of love and words he’d never say out loud
He couldn’t wait to see her again, his love proclaimed through his own pen
As a child it was hard to see he lived by every word
He worked his fingers to the bone
They never got the time supposed to be their own

Taking the hurdles one at a time,
I am yours and you’ll always be mine
Today, tomorrow and forever by your side
Life can throw at us what it can
We’ll never run we’ll fight what we can
Shoulder to shoulder, woman and man till the end of time

Look to the father to see the son
No truer words were ever sung
Then you taught me how to say I love you from the heart
Just when we thought we had it all
We’d trip and stumble but never fall
Saying our goodbyes to many long before their time
Now life has tripped us up once more
But I know we’re solid to the core

Track Name: Tales From The Esk
Back in the day when the Old Pretender left
From these shores for the last time
Among the fishing boats at sail
Carving out a living from the haddock and the whale

Seagull soars, o’er the mouth of the Esk
Seagull soars, flying o’er Scurdie Ness
Times come and go like the tides ebb and flow
Seagull soars.

Bridges come and bridges go
An island once no more and Island
The ferry boats sail o’er no more
Land reclaimed, a village changed, no fishing on the shore


20 million tons of water pass on every tide
Nature’s power beyond our equal
Fills her larder in the basin
Year after year the geese return to their winter haven

Track Name: Breaking Down
I’ve been chasing rainbows since the day that I was born
Never taking in what I’d achieved
Success would always beckon, just around the bend
But the corner turned, would just reveal
A road without an end

Breaking down, breaking down, walls inside my mind
Who can tell, who can tell, the secrets I might find
Digging deep, digging deep, way down in my soul
I might find release

Thinking ‘bout tomorrow and never of today
Striving to reach that latest goal
In search of a horizon beyond our fingertips
Like grains of sand we cannot stop
From running through our grip


Where did my time go, so much left to see
How can I fulfil, this want inside of me

Track Name: Manicured Hand (strong language)
A boy sits alone at the end of the pew
Knowing what’s coming but no clue what to do
He knows it’s dirty, he knows it’s wrong
But there’s no end in sight, it’s been going on so long
Who can he turn to, he can he tell?
When the father in black says he’s going to hell

They sit up high in their ivory towers
Their sick twisted minds abusing their power
Who would have thought that these saints could have sinned?
But the manicured hand can be dirty

She lies awake in a hospital bed
Scared of his visits and where they have led
Doctors and parents fall at his feet
But his wandering hands are not such a treat
Who can she turn to, who can she tell?
When she’s told that his touch will help her get well


He’s up on stage in front of the crowd
Screaming and crying, he’s bursting he’s proud
After the show he’ll get one backstage
The younger the better just as long as she’s underage
Who can she turn to who’ll lift the lid?
He’s a king, he’s a god, she’s just a fucking kid

But the manicured hand can be dirty
But the manicured hand can be dirty
Track Name: Into The Light
Coming out the dark into the light
Into morning after the night
The demons are gone and I can move on
Out the dark into the light

Chase all your worries away
Make the most of a brand new day
Grab it with both hands get on top of your plans
Chase all your worries away

Days are long and the nights longer still
But the suns coming up through the dawn, what a thrill

Coming out the dark into the light
Into morning after the night
The demons are gone and I can move on
Out the dark into the light

Time to get a smile on my face
Time to set aside all this waste
As darkness subsides at the turn of the tide
Time to get a smile on my face

Repeat Bridge

Coming out the dark into the light
Into morning after the night
The demons are gone and I can move on
As darkness subsides at the turn of the tide
Grab it with both hands get on top of your plans
Out the dark into the light
Track Name: Independent State Of Mind
We argued should I stay or should I go
Both convinced we knew best how I’d grow
Back and forth the same old lines as passions grew
But the currency of faith saw me through

So wish me well, on my journey
Wish me well, as I take my leave
For I’m bound for new horizons
An independent state of mind is all I need

Today’s the day the work begins for real
I’ve told the world exactly how I feel
My bags are packed I’m ready to be on my way
My rebirth, my awakening starts today


Who knows what the future holds
But one thing’s clear the choice is mine
My chance to change my children’s lives
My chance to make their sons and daughters proud

Chorus x 2

An independent state of mind is all I need
An independent state of mind is all I need

So wish me well
Track Name: Barfly's Lament
The bartender stands and polishes glasses
Straightens the bottles as I sit and look on
I order another he pours me a whisky
My ticket to nowhere to forget that I’m gone

Long, lonely sleepless nights
Lost in a world on my own
Counting the days since you left me here
Wondering how can I make it alone?

Last orders are called have one for the highway
One for the memory of days lost in time
And outside the front door alone in the city
Back to the four walls that I can call mine


We drifted apart you no longer loved me
You went your own way, a promised new start

Lying here on my bed the pictures fly by me
Reminds me the stories of days long since gone
And as the day closes I know in the morning
I’ll lie here awake at the break of the dawn.

Wondering how can I make it alone?
Wondering how can I make it alone?
Track Name: Down Where The River Flows
We’ve got whisky, we’ve got water
Down where the river flows
Like new lambs to the slaughter
Down where the river flows

Down where the river flows
Down where the river flows
Down where the river flows

We’ve got guitars we’ve got voices
Down where the river flows
We’ve got all night to make bad choices
Down where the river flows


Gather round, pull up a chair
Join the crowd, there’s music in the air

We’ve got whisky (we’ve got whisky)
We’ve got water (we’ve got water)
We’ve got guitars (we’ve got guitars)
We’ve got voices

Chorus x 2
Track Name: Face Of A Nation
All the world’s a stage they say and we are only players
And though we may be principals, we’re harnessed by the script
The power of our policies, get us where we’re standing
But from the wings, behind the scenes, we’re tight in another’s grip

We are the face of a nation
Trapped behind a public mask
We are the face of a nation

The world is in our hands they say, we talk and you will listen
But words we use to draw you in are from another’s hand
Under strict direction, we follow our instructions
From out of shot to centre stage, we’re marching with the band


We play our part and take our bows then hope for an ovation
And leave the costume to the next leader of a nation

Track Name: A Journey Without End
I see children playing
Lonely lovers meeting
I see the daylight breaking
After moonlight fleeting

I can break a journey
Meeting friends and strangers
I can break a journey without end
A journey without end

I hear darkness weeping
As tears fall from the sky
You lie awake within my arms
And question yourself why


Starlight shining through the trees
Night is nearly done
As dawn awakes behind my back
Once more around the sun

For you there is no waking
No more you’ll see the day
Cast aside I’ll hold you tight
And see you on your way

Chorus x 2